To Capture the Spirit

A good video piece on training is hard to come by. It’s like any bit of writing that aims to make a solid point and inspire others by message – they’re out there, but can be hard to find. Capturing the spirit of something, especially a something like martial arts is tricky. But this piece does it well.

When I was first contacted by Brenda Mak, a young student journalist here in Chicago, I was skeptical that anything of long-term merit would be produced. So I resolved to simply help her out by granting her the access she needed.

She would focus her attention on my student Amaris, a smart, lovely young lady, who’s been training with me nearly a year. Please bear in mind, nothing Amaris says was scripted or coached. Her thoughts are her own and I could not be more pleased. My thanks to Brenda – she can look forward to a bright future.

There was a great deal of footage captured in the two days Brenda spent with us, all of it spontaneous and unscripted, a lot like our training sessions. Moving forward, perhaps we’ll roll more of that footage out.

Check it out on YouTube: Bujinkan Art Warrior