Shidoshi Jim Delorto

JimDJim Delorto has been studying martial arts for over 25 years, having accumlated experience in dozens of Eastern and Western forms.

He began training in the Bujinkan in 2000 under Gabe Logan. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to James Morganelli and has trained with him ever since. Jim has made several trips to Japan to train with Hatsumi Sensei and the Shihan, earning his 5th Dan and Shidoshi License in 2007.

Jim holds a BS in History from Northern Illinois University and has extensive experience in physical fitness, training, and movement science. He is an avid Obstacle Course Race runner and fuels this passion with various forms of physical training on a regular basis.

He is a loving husband and a father to two wonderful children and holds a management position with a Midwestern retailer.

Jim currently teaches out of the Schaumburg Dojo on Thursday nights.

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