Under the Blade 2018

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Under the Blade 2017

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The Way of the Gun

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Under the Blade 2016

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To Die or Not to Die?

James' take on the question: is it moral not to intervene in a brutal attack? To Die or Not to Die?

To Capture the Spirit

A good video piece on training is hard to come by. It's like any bit of writing that aims to make a solid point and inspire others by message - they're out there, but can be hard to find. Capturing the spirit of something, especially a something like martial arts is tricky. But this piece does it well. When I was first contacted by Brenda Mak, a young student journalist here in Chicago, I was skeptical that anything of long-term merit would be produced. So I resolved to simply help her out by granting her the access she needed. She would focus her attention on my student Amaris,…

California Trainin’

James and his wife Tomoko will be in California for a seminar in June! California Trainin'