Shidoshi Bryan Mikolajewski

bryanm Bryan Mikolajewski has been studying martial arts for over 13 years, receiving training in various Eastern and Western methods.

In January 2011, Bryan was employed in Hotel Loss Prevention & Guest Services when he was directed to James Morganelli. He has trained with James since that introduction.

Bryan received his Black Belt in July 2013, during his first trip to train with Hatsumi Sensei and the Shihan. He returned to Japan in 2016. Bryan received his 5th Dan and Shidoshi License in 2018, administered under Noguchi Sensei. At this time, he has yet to begin taking students, but is expecting to do so in 2019.

Outside of martial arts, Bryan earned his BFA in Technology & Media from Cleveland Institute of Art, and currently works in Marketing and Front End Development. He joins Shidoshi Jim Delorto with his enjoyment of Obstacle Course Running, entering multiple races every year. He is a doting godfather, and contributes regularly to various Veterans Services and animal rescues.