Shidoshi Michael Govier

Michael Govier is a professional actor, writer and director. You might have seen him in national commercials, TV, film or on stage. He has written pilots, films and stage plays. If you want to know more about Michael’s acting or see his short films or TV appearances check out

Michael started training in the Bujinkan in 2004. He began training with James Morganelli in 2006 and has been a member of Shingitai-Ichi Dojo ever since. He currently lives in Los Angeles and founded the Shingitai-Ichi Dojo LA.

He passed his godan test in 2013 under Noguchi Sensei in Japan. Michael is a licensed Shidoshi in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He returns yearly to Japan and trains in Chicago with the Shingitai-Ichi Dojo. In 2018 he was promoted to the rank of Judan. Michael teaches Mondays and Fridays in the LA area.

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