Shugoshin 守護心 (Japanese for “protector ethic”) Protectives Training (SPT) is high-intensity martial arts conditioning for the essential mindset and physical habits for defense of self and others.

It is geared toward folks who want capable and reliable ability, but do not have the time to dedicate years to refining skill sets in traditional and commercial systems. SPT is the creation of James Morganelli, who has more than 35 years of training experience and more than 25 years of teaching others in the martial way.

Popular and commercial martial arts often attempt to mold student reactions to fit a stylized set of predetermined movements - an approach that has little to do with application across variable threats.

Protectives are trained in the opposite manner, using threat contexts of “Escape, Resist, Extract, Intercede” to indicate clarity of action and naturalize counters in defensive movements.

As fundamentals training, Protectives concentrate on vital mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of the martial way:

      • Body flexibility and resiliency
        • Warm ups and stretching
        • Tumbling and breaking falls
        • Striking and kicking
      • Maneuvering drills for principle-based responses
        • Punching
        • Kicking
        • Grabbing
        • Throwing
      • Counter-maneuvering
        • Escape
        • Resistance and escape
        • Extraction of others
        • Interceding for others
      • Scenario-based training
        • Defense of self
        • Defense of others
    • MENTAL
      • Recognizing and clarifying universal values
      • Empowering oneself as a “protector”
      • Critical thinking for ethical problem solving
      • Ethical value stories
      • Ethical use of martial ability

Protectives cultivates one’s resolve to persevere, where instinct supersedes technique and is sharpened with a set of principles outside the realm of pure physical might. By cultivating natural responses during initial training, larger, stronger, even multiple opponents can be defeated without reliance on brute force, speed, or strength. Instead, the student’s instincts of positioning, leverage, and initiative are sharpened as tools capable of outwitting even the largest adversary at a time of their greatest disadvantage.

Protectives replaces static, imitation of techniques – a hallmark of commercial martial arts - with a direct connection to the ebb and flow of martial principles in constant flux. This acuity fosters tactical awareness and creative adaptability, the necessary skills to claim ownership of one's ability to “be” skilled today, instead of always training to “become” skilled.

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